Advanced Materials: What Comes Next

9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
(in post-production)

February 2, 2020

Materials science enables us to better reshape the world to meet our needs. Since before the Bronze Age, better materials have brought gains in defense, construction, transportation, medicine, agriculture, and an innumerable range of products.

The Silicon Age has brought exponential improvements in computation, information storage, and communications capacity. However, that was modest compared to what's coming. In this episode we will look at the impact of Advanced Materials today, and explore what we can expect in the years ahead.

Join Peter Marcotullio, VP of Commercial R&D at SRI International and Àrmann Kojic, CEO and Founder of Greenvolt.

We will discuss:

  • Application areas (examples)
    • transportation, aviation,
    • energy, robotics, medicine,
    •  construction, and manufacturing
  • Product development
  • AI and Advanced Materials
  • Mastering matter without mass production
  • Economic impact of Advanced Materials
  • Investment and policy implications

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Who should attend?

  • Board members and senior executives
  • Investors (PE, VC, CVC, LP)
  • Policymakers and policy advisors
  • Founders

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